At Blairsville Church of Christ, our Women’s Service Ministries embody the spirit of service and compassion that is central to our faith. This vibrant ministry is dedicated to empowering women to use their gifts, talents, and time to make a meaningful impact in our church, community, and beyond.

What We Offer:

  • Community Outreach: Engage in a variety of projects designed to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those in our community. From food drives, Bible studies, to visitation programs, our outreach efforts are about showing God’s love in practical ways.
  • Support and Encouragement: Offer support to church members and the wider community through prayer groups, care packages, and personal visits. It’s about being a beacon of hope and encouragement to those in need.
  • Spiritual Growth: Participate in events and workshops that not only focus on serving others but also on personal spiritual development, helping you grow closer to God as you serve.
  • Fellowship and Connection: Build lasting friendships with other women who share your passion for service, creating a network of support and encouragement within the church.
The Women’s Service Ministries offer a unique opportunity to live out your faith in tangible ways, touching lives and making a difference. It’s a place to bring your energy, creativity, and heart for service, joining with other women who are committed to making a positive impact in the name of Christ.
The Women’s Service Ministries meets Tuesday’s at 10:00 A.M. within the Fellowship Hall of the Blairsville Church of Christ located at
62 Church of Christ Drive, Blairsville, GA. 30512. 
Whether you have a few hours to spare or can commit more time, your contribution is valuable. For more information on how to get involved with the Women’s Service Ministries, please contact Cathy Amos at 706.264.1960  or visit us on Sunday.
Together, we can do great things in God’s name!